Terri White

Minister of Preschool and Children

terriAfter serving for 19 years under Preschool & Children's Minister Winnie Tuckness, Terri became Minister of Nursery and Preschool on January 1, 2013.She has served as Director of Preschool in the Marketplace Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, and Missions & Music programs. She is currently director of South Haven's Mother's Day Out ministry.

Terri was raised a "Zizzer" from West Plaines, Missouri and graduated from Southwest Missouri State University in 1981. Terri has two children, Derek and Mariah.

Terri enjoys all sports, swimming, and spending time with family and friends. Terri's passion is ministering to and teaching children.


Contact Terri: 417-881-7636, ext 127